Will Obamacare Be The End Of America As We Know It?

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Will Obamcare Be The End Of America?

The biggest scam in American history to ever take place is none other than the implimentation of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a power grab developed by the Government. THERE IS NOTHING AFFORDABLE ABOUT THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. Don’t be fooled, one cannot simply get something for free unless someboy else has to pay for it.

Will America Continue To Look The Other Way As Our Rights Are Slowly Taken Away By The Government?

As the years have passes our great nation has been slowly stripped of it’s freedom. We are no longer living in a free country. Wake up and look around. If you think you can just sit idle and let our freedom erode while doing nothing than YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! It’s time for America to wake up and rise against the corruption and restore our country back to the greatness it once was.

Do You Think The Democrats Really Care About You?

If you think for one moment the Democrats care about the well being of you, your family, or your grandchildren you are sadly mistaken. The passing of Obamacare will have impacts on the country for years to come. Can you honestly tell yourself you’re ok with the way our country is going and you think your children or grandchildren will have a chance to survive in this country? When is enough going to be enough before you wake up?

Are You Going To Go To The Polls And Put A Stop To The Destruction Of Our Great Country?

How much longer can America sit back and let the Democrats destroy our country. Will you make it a priority to get out and vote this time around? Are you willing to accept the fact that because you didn’t get out and voice your opinon your freedom and rights will be once again be walked all over and stomped on? Are you ready to make a change in the way this country is going?

No longer will we sit back and let the Democrats destroy our country! It’s time for America to act, and that means you!

If you want to put a stop to Obamacare and the destruction of America the time is now! Call your friends call your family, call the mailman, get ahold of everybody you can and encourage them the time to act is now! Get out there and vote REPUBLICAN to stop the destruction of America. Our country was once the greatest that nobody would ever think about messing with. Our current administration has made our great nation the laughing stock of the world. We are no longer feared as the most powerful country. We are now known as a weakened nation with incompitant leadership with the innability to protect our people. No longer is America the great nation she once was. Obama and his circus monkey minions have turned us into a socialist freight train headed right down the tracks to destruction. IT’S UP TO YOU TO STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA! The question is, WILL YOU FINALLY STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND TAKE BACK AMERICA? GET OUT AND VOTE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!